It’s all a mind game!!


It’s often been said that the greatest trick the devil ever played was in convincing people he didn’t exist. But as the Gnostic codices make clear, there is more than one devil, and all knowledge of these devils, these spiritual parasites – the Archons – was carefully airbrushed out of history thousands of years ago. It is clear from a close reading of the Hypostasis of the Archons and the Apocryphon of John, that the Archons performed on humanity something akin to a cosmic lobotomy, and we have languished in a dark corner of the cosmos ever since, operating at only a fraction of our true potential. This is the true scale of the conspiracy directed against humanity.
You see, the greatest trick the “devil” ever played was to make you think that you were ordinary. Whilst you were sat down at the TV, or stuck at work, cutting the grass, or feeding the kids – struggling to cope with the boredom and the minutiae of daily existence – you forgot that you had a fundamental role to play in a struggle of truly cosmic proportions. A spiritual struggle that has played out over vast oceans of time – longer, I would suggest, than we can possibly countenance or comprehend.
The human condition can be likened to that of a horse pulling a barge along a canal at the behest of its human masters. The horse understood only the role assigned to it, whilst remaining ignorant of its true power. So it is with us. The Apocryphon of John describes how the Archons attempted to replicate the human form in order to tap into the secrets of divinity; so that we would be a source of “light” to them. This marries up with the claims of former government insiders, such as Bob Lazar, who described how these entities, or Archons, refer to humans as “containers”. That is to say, they regard us a source of divine power and energy, which they can somehow tap into and harvest.
The Gnostic seers understood that the underlining creative energy inherent in the universe was thought! That we exist in a mind before matter universe. After all, humanity and the earth was created by Sophia’s dreaming! Whilst the Archons are devoid of any true creativity or intentionality, they were described as great mimics and distorters. More than this: they understood how to use human creative energy and intentionality against us.
One of the constant themes I have encountered in my research over the last 12 years is how the dark inner sanctum of the global elite – possibly a bloodline descended from Archon genetic manipulation, or else generationally possessed – are cognisant of the power of symbols, colours and numbers. They place their symbols all around us. They are everywhere. From churches, to law enforcement agencies, buildings, street plans, corporate logos, children’s television programmes, the music industry, and of course, Hollywood. In order for us to comprehend the significance of this, let us digress for a moment, and consider the subjective nature of the sub-atomic world. A central concept within the field of quantum mechanics is the notion of wave-particle duality. This is the theory that all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties. In experiments, Electrons have exhibited the same wave / particle duality as light, suggesting that all matter exists primarily in a wave-like manner. Indeed, experiments have shown that the behaviour of sub-atomic particles – such as electrons – change in accordance with who is observing them. If anything, Quantum Physics has taught us that at the sub-atomic level there may be no objective reality at all! That what we observe is always affected by the presence of the observer. As the Nobel-Prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli once wrote, “On the atomic level the objective world ceases to exist”.
It is now widely understood that around 99.99 per cent of an atom is just empty space. Given that this physical medium that we inhabit is all made from atoms – tiny packets of electromagnetic force – then the very “physical” nature of our reality would appear to be illusory. However, we also understand that an atom is packed with energy – and lots of it. As the physicist Max Planck once wrote, “Energy is the origin of all matter. Reality, true existence, is not matter, which is visible and perishable, but the invisible, immortal energy – that is truth”. Adherents of the metaphysical tradition, moreover, have posited that the source of that energy – the “invisible, immortal energy” – is thought. As the astronomer James Jeans said, “The universe looks less and less like a great machine and more and more like a great thought”. Once more, this marries up to what the Gnostic seers wrote over two thousand years ago. They posited that the earth was created from the goddess Sophia’s dreaming; that the earth, and indeed human perception, had somehow been captured in the Stereoma; a counterfeit universe created by the Archons in order to entrap human perception within the illusion of material reality. But whilst the Archons cannot intrude directly into this artificial matrix, they can intrude subliminally on our minds, and use the divinity inside all of us – the creative power of thought – to affect how we interface with this reality, and how we can precipitate certain scenarios and experiences into apparent physical reality.

Put quite simply, what we give our attention to – even on a subconscious level – we give our energy to. We are the energy source for the Archontic agenda and their human gofers. And we empower it on a daily basis, bringing it closer to manifestation and reality. They are using our own creative energy – intentionality – against us. It is the ultimate example of inversion. Indeed, it is the ultimate long con. In 1933, the 32nd degree Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt, under instruction from his financial masters, placed the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid on the back of the $1 dollar bill. It has been there ever since. The Latin on the dollar bill translates as, “Our great undertaking, a new secular order of the ages”. For almost 80 years, millions of American people have been giving this agenda – the creation of a New World Order – their unconscious focus and attention. Similarly, whether you are watching movies created by the elite bloodline dominated film industry, listening to their music, or eating at their fast food chains, you are also inadvertently being bombarded by their symbols, colours, numbers and coded language. Whether it is the symbol of the all-seeing eye, a sigil of Saturn masquerading as a corporate logo, or the sacred golden arch – as depicted in the McDonalds logo – one must begin to understand that they are all visual representations of thought forms; that is to say, representations of the Archontic agenda to direct and misdirect humanity, and subvert our spirituality.

To be continued….


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