Geoegineering causing havoc in the US: 3 feet of snow in May in Colorado!

US Jet

Massive temperature differentials caused by a weakened jet stream have seen some truly bizarre weather afflict the northern / mid-western United States. Colorado has experienced over three feet of snow (in Mid May!) whilst Nebraska was hit by three massive tornadoes within a single day.

Does anyone really believe these weather patterns are natural?

From HAARP and ionospheric manipulation, to the cooling or heating of the stratosphere via the aerosol programme, geoengineering is wreaking havoc on the north American continent. It is also affecting our weather here in the UK indirectly, by having a huge impact on the strength and trajectory of the polar jet stream.

After an awful week of weather here in the UK, brought on – I would suggest – by three days of intense trailing just over a week ago, we are about to experience something of a reprieve over the next 4 days, as the polar jet meanders into a much more northerly trajectory, as one would expect at this stage of the season.

However, I would bet my last pound that a massive intervention will take place. Sit back and watch – in horror – as trail after trail is laid in the upper atmosphere, in an attempt to deflect solar radiation back into space and cool the stratosphere. The end result, of course, will be a strengthened jet stream and another week or two of heavy rain and unseasonably cool temperatures.

You heard it here first.

Please, stop debating about whether geoengineering is real. Instead direct your intellect and your energies to who is behind it, who is flying the planes, so that these criminals can stand trial in a court of law for crimes against humanity.


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