The agenda of the Bilderberg Group – a brief summary

The Freedom Agenda


2013-05-11 14.07.44

The Bilderberg Group meets secretly once a year in Five Star hotels all across the world. This year they are meeting in Denmark. The group consists of many of the most famous and powerful names from western finance capitalism, including David Rockefeller, Lord Rothschild and George Soros. Many of the most influential figures from the world of banking, politics, commerce, the media, intelligence services, and the military come together once a year to discuss, formulate, and set the policies later embraced by our governing institutions. As recently as ten years ago, most people thought that the group did not exist and that it was yet another “crazy” conspiracy theory.

The core agenda of the Bilderberg Group is to carve up the world into economic blocs – which will work under a global supranational authority or world government – and to reduce the nation states into regionalised municipal authorities. Their…

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