ISIS and the Iraq Crisis: What is Really Going on?

I am watching developments in Iraq with great interest. Here are my current observations:

* the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has emerged as a bigger threat than the CIA created / funded Al Qaeda.
*Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is now the new bogeyman, following in the footsteps of CIA asset Osama Bin Laden
*Isis is clearly being funded, armed and equipped by the Saudi’s (In other words by the CIA).

What exactly is the wider agenda playing out here? Is Isis merely another instrument of Washington and, more importantly, the globalist interests within the US Department of Defense and the State Department? Are the seeds of a much wider conflict being sown? Is it just a coincidence that Isis is a major Egyptian / “Illuminati” deity?

Isis belongs in the dark ages and, if allowed to succeed, will drag the middle east back into the dark ages. I ask you: what is more of a threat to western corporate interests and the monopoly men? A thriving and economically united Arabic world? Or one torn apart by fanaticism, war, and economic turmoil? The question, of course, answers itself.

I like to stand well back from these type of crises, ignore the hysteria and propaganda emanating from the controlled media ,take a very deep breath, and try – sometimes in vain – to locate these events within a much, much wider context. Regular visitors to this blog will know my views on Abrahamic western religion. It is the ideological construct of a force that transcends the boundaries of our accepted reality, for the purpose of subverting human spirituality, and suppressing the maturation of our species.


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