Iraq crisis: ISIS militants threaten UK, says Cameron…or what he really means is that ISIS was created by the CIA!



So now the Iraqi government pleads for US assistance against ISIS and, true to form, the US war machine is preparing to send its drones to bomb the shit out of “ISIS targets”. Meanwhile, Bilderberg lap poodle Cameron has declared that ISIS represents a grave threat to UK security and home grown ISIS jihadists could well be planning an attack on UK soil. I am the only person that is sick of all this bullshit?? The biggest threat to the life and liberty of UK citizens is our very own defence and national security apparatus, esp. MI5 and their ilk. ISIS, just like Al Qaeda , is a creature of the CIA / Mossad / MI6. People need to understand that the Foreign Office and the State Department are puppets of the Round Table Network, in particular the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. This is where Anglo-American foreign policy is shaped and moulded. War and conflict is big business. The big corporate sponsors of the CFR and RIIA include BAE Systems, the City of London, Goldman Sachs International, Lockheed Martin, the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, British Petroleum plc, and the Chevron Corporation,to name but a few. Everything you are being told, everything you are being shown, is a gross lie, promulgated and propagated to erode what remains of your civil liberties and to justify a permanent state of war in the Arabic world.

From “BBC News”:
David Cameron has warned of the threat to the UK if an “extreme Islamist regime” is created in central Iraq.

He said Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) fighters threatening the government in Baghdad were also plotting terror attacks on the UK.

And Britain could not ignore the security threat the UK now faced from jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

Downing Street said 65 people have been arrested in the past 18 months for Syria-related jihadist activities.

A spokesman was unable to say how many of those arrested were supporters or members of ISIS.

The prime minister, who was chairing a meeting of the National Security Council on Wednesday, has ruled out military intervention in support of the government of Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Terrorists Trained by the U.S. Military

Earlier this week, Aaron Klein, reporting for WorldNetDaily, revealed that members of ISIS fighting against the al-Assad government in Syria were trained by U.S. military instructors in Jordan. According to Jordanian officials, the trainees “were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.”

ISIS emerged from the ranks of al-Qaeda in Iraq and is considered more militant and extremist than al-Qaeda.

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, it was reported – and subsequently relegated to the memory hole – that a number of the purported hijackers were “trained in strategy and tactics” at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, and the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama, according to Newsweek.

CIA Created Terrorists

The CIA has a long history of hands-on experience with terrorists who have allegedly attacked the United States. Ramzi Yousef, the supposed mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the planned Bojinka attack, was recruited by the CIA and fought with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Ali Mohamed, a major in the Egyptian army recruited by the CIA, “trained most of al-Qaeda’s top leadership – including bin Laden and [Ayman] al-Zawahiri – and most of al-Qaeda’s top trainers. Mohamed taught surveillance, counter-surveillance, assassinations, kidnapping, codes, ciphers and other intelligence techniques,” U.S. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald told the 9/11 Commission in 2004. “For five years he was moving back and forth between the US and Afghanistan.”

“It’s impossible the CIA thought he was going there as a tourist. If the CIA hadn’t caught on to him, it should be dissolved and its budget used for something worthwhile,” Nabil Sharef, a university professor and former Egyptian intelligence officer, told The Wall Street Journal in November, 2001.

Returning members of ISIS, now hyped as the next wave of domestic terror, are not tourists, either. If, as predicted by a range of offcials, including Rep. Peter King and Sen. Lindsey Graham, ISIS attacks inside America it will be part of a larger plan to expand and extend the war on terror and put the finishing touches on the surveillance and police state in America.

This apparatus is not designed to protect against al-Qaeda or ISIS terrorists. The purpose is to spy on the American people, who are the real enemy, and make certain they cannot effectively challenge the political monopoly of the global elite.

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