Peadophile ring at the heart of the British establishment covered up by former Home Secretary Lord Brittan!



As reported by the mail earlier today “Lord Tebbit last night joined those demanding an explanation over the missing dossier detailing claims of a Westminster paedophile ring.The former Tory Cabinet minister spoke out as the clamour grew for a full-scale inquiry into historical child abuse. More than 130 MPs are now calling for an investigation into allegations that have left former home secretary Leon Brittan facing questions over his handling of the dossier”.

Lord Brittan was handed the said dossier – which revealed the names of government ministers involved in a paedophile ring – by the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983. Lord Brittan has since stated that he “could not remember” being handed the dossier. Bullshit!! Mr Dickens told his family that the ” the dossier details would ‘blow the lid off’ the lives of powerful and famous child abusers”. I think it would have done more than that; I think it would have toppled the establishment – Royalty and all! 133 MPs have called – quite rightly – for an inquiry into this sinister, and deeply, deeply dark affair. But, of course, it will never happen. As the mail reported today, “Keith Vaz, the Commons home affairs select committee chairman, said he would not call Lord Brittan to give evidence, adding: ‘People shouldn’t look for conspiracies.’

Really? Well here’s one. Lord Brittan was a visitor to the VIP paedophile parties at Elm House in the early 1980s – at around the same time, in fact, that he conveniently “lost” the dossier that revealed the existence of a paedophile ring within the government. The guest list for this elite VIP paedophile club has also included Cyril Smith – whose decades of child abuse is now public knowledge. I think its time the people of this country – indeed, the people of the world – woke up to the fact that the world is upside down; its a madhouse controlled and administered by some truly sick and evil men; politics, banking, the judiciary, medicine, law enforcement, entertainment – oh yes, especially entertainment – indeed the very institutions that govern us, that tell us what to think and how to live our lives….well they’ve been infiltrated by sick, twisted evil men that hide behind a mask of benevolence and integrity.

This is the world as it really is folks; this is the world where the rainbow ends.

Read the Mail article here:


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