Malaysia Airlines MH17 Shot down over the Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappears never to be found in early March 2014. Now another Malaysian airline, Flight MH17, has been shot down over the Ukraine, allegedly by a ground to air missile. The major media outlets are already pointing the finger of suspicion at Moscow and the Putin regime. The BBC news website has even produced a detailed obituary of many of the passengers on board. An identical plane to the one that went missing in March has been in storage in Tel Aviv since November 2013. Anyone who has undertaken a modicum of research into the murky world of intelligence and false flag terrorism would recognise the modus operandi at work here. Believe nothing that you read, see or hear from mainstream media sources. Question everything. The world is upside down and what is white is black and vice versa. There is a pattern emerging here and it is vital that the dots are connected correctly.


MH17 1



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