Major news media spoiling for a war with Russia? I give up on my species!!

Nothing, and I mean, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, surprise me anymore. But, I must hasten to add, even I am a little taken aback by the sabre rattling emanating from the controlled media re: Flight MH17 and the Putin regimes apparent complicity / involvement in this outrageous and cold blooded act of terrorism. . ISIS, Russia, Syria, North Korea….the list of so-called “rogue states” who pose a threat to world peace and the security of the west is, seemingly, endless. Nothing like a big dose of fear every morning to keep you in line, obedient, docile and acquiescent with an emerging supranational security structure that wants to render your most cherished individual liberties obsolete. Back in March, I got some stick by people who should know far better when I wrote that the CIA coup in the Ukraine was orchestrated as part of a long term strategy to draw Russia into a conflict with the west; that the Putin regime was the ultimate target for regime change – much more so than the Assad regime in Syria.

In fact, I wrote that:

“The Putin regime has long been an obstacle to greater Russian integration into the one world system that is rapidly emerging. Military action against the new western backed Ukrainian government, even if only limited in scope, will serve to alienate Russia from the international community, resulting in widespread censure, and crippling economic sanctions. A costly and potentially humiliating war, moreover, has the potential to whip up tension and unrest within Russia, and might even topple the Putin regime. I think its a safe bet that the one worlders already have a replacement in mind. Once the Putin regime is safely out of the way, and Russia neutralised – indeed, neutered – the western campaign against Syria and Iran can begin in earnest…Russia remains a major obstacle to the emerging one world system, and the Putin regime has been targeted for regime change along with North Korea, Syria and Iran”.

As I understand it, not one piece of credible evidence has yet to emerge linking Russia with the downing of Flight MH17….yet the major news media, like pigs at a trough, are salivating at the prospect of a war.

Its days like today when I well and truly give up on my species.


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