How King George V demanded that Britain enter the First World War!


Proof, if ever it was needed, that the so-called “Great War” – great for the elite bloodline families who sanctioned it, and the European banking aristocracy who bankrolled and made a fortune from it – was little more than some kind of Machiavellian “falling out” of the major ruling houses of Europe. This previously unknown meeting between King George V and his then Foreign Secretary, Lord Grey, demonstrates how this Royal tyrant instructed Grey to “find a reason to go to war with Germany”. As students of History will know, the reason – or in truth, the excuse – was provided by the 1839 Treaty of London and “Belgium neutrality”.

The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Britain and Belgium), the Hapsburgs (Austria), the Romanovs (Russia) and the House of Hollenzollern (Germany) were, in fact, all one big family. George V, Tsar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm II were cousins and looked almost identical. Kaiser Wilhelm was the grandson of Queen Victoria. The so-called “British” Royal family did not change their name to Windsor until 1917, and only then because of growing public indignation at the continued use of their German titles. Official History is bunk folks, written to obfuscate, confuse, trivialise and misdirect. All war is a racket; and wars are never waged for the reasons ascribed by our governing elites. This letter demonstrates, unequivocally, that King George V pushed Britain into war with war with Germany and its ruler, Kaiser Wilhelm, his cousin. He was no mere ceremonial Monarch, and neither is the current inbred German who sits on the throne of England today. The ruling houses of Europe were, and remain, war criminals and sadists who thrive on the systematic slaughter of those stupid enough to give their allegiance to them.

All war is deception and we are most deceived.

It is a letter that throws fresh light on one of the darkest periods in Britain’s history.

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A note which has remained in private hands for a century details a previously undocumented meeting between George V and his Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, on the eve of the First World War.

The King, mindful of his position as a constitutional monarch, made no public declarations about the situation in Europe in the lead-up to the conflict.

But in the newly-disclosed meeting, the King informed Sir Edward it was “absolutely essential” Britain go to war in order to prevent Germany from achieving “complete domination of this country”.

When Sir Edward said the Cabinet had yet to find a justifiable reason to enter the conflict, the King replied: “You have got to find a reason, Grey.”


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