Sir Cliff investigated over sexual assault claim whilst another victim of Elm Guest House speaks out!

I have to say the Cliff Richard scandal came as a complete surprise. Never saw that one coming.

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“Sir Cliff Richard”. Such a noble name. So regal, so majestic. Surely the dashing Sir Cliff couldn’t be involved in such debauchery?!!? Debauchery? Just ask Melvin Bragg. Apparently old “Sir Cliff” or, as he is really known by intimates, Harry Web – or dirty Harry (you see how more believable it is when you start using actual names, instead of fake personas) . – has been of interest to Operation Fernbridge for quite some time. But this isn’t a joke; instead, its merely the tip of a very large, ugly iceberg.

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Police have searched a Berkshire property belonging to Sir Cliff Richard in relation to an alleged historical sex offence.

No arrests have been made and Sir Cliff, 73, who is abroad, said the allegation was “completely false”.

Police said the allegation involved a boy under 16.

The BBC understands it relates to an alleged sexual assault at a 1985 event where US preacher Billy Graham appeared at Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

The allegation is believed to have been reported to police recently.

Meanwhile another victim of Elm Guest House, where Cliff Richard signed in under the alias of “Kitty”, speaks out:

A woman last night claimed she was raped at the age of four by a senior Tory MP who was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest allies.

Susie Henderson waived her right to anonymity to describe the appalling abuse she alleges was inflicted on her by Sir Nicholas Fairbairn.

The late Conservative politician, who was appointed solicitor general for Scotland by Mrs Thatcher when she became prime minister, has been linked to the child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster.

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