August 28th 2014: A log of the weather modification programme

Ok, let us start with the forecast for today from the Beeb and the Met Office:


Hmmm. Except that the cloud they forecast was being exacerbated by the trailing. At 10:00 am this morning the sun began to try to break through only for the weather makers to intervene:


By 1 pm the sun was out but so too were the weather makers – in full force:


The forecast suggests that the Jetstream is moving into a northly trajectory, which should bring settled conditions to the UK by the weekend and warm sunny weather next week. It appeared as if some nice high pressure was trying to settle in. But, of course, that was anathema to the goals of the weather makers. By 3pm the high was receding and a low – an engineered low, by the way – was moving in:


Just after 4pm, the weather makers objectives were complete: it was raining (once more).



Within the space of just two hours, the weather had changed from dry and settled – and, I might add, pleasantly warm – to bleak, windy, miserable and wet.

So in conclusion:

  • The trails saturate the atmosphere with metallic particulates that block the sun but which also absorb the heat of solar radiation.
  • The trails mark out a grid that can be seen from space. Purposely built satellites direct microwave energy to the areas – often hundreds of miles – marked out by the trails.
  • The microwave energy, coupled with the heat from trapped solar radiation, warms the surrounding atmosphere, causing it to lift and expand.
  • This creates an artificial area of low pressure, as  air rushes up into the void left by the ascending upper atmosphere (stratosphere).
  • As a result, moisture is taken to higher altitudes where it eventually condenses and turns into cloud. (Exactly as it would in an area of naturally occurring low pressure).

What do we often see when there is a low pressure system moving in from the Atlantic? We see the flights being run back and forth. Why? Well, I posit that they are facilitating the onset of the low by heating the atmosphere in the way described above. Cold air will always cause warm air to ascend, but by intervening in this way, the low often reaches the UK much sooner than anticipated. (Why do you think the weather forecasts are so often wrong)?

I am not a scientist or a meteorologist. I base my conclusions on careful observation, weather modification and aerosol patents, and military documents including Owning the Weather.

The UK is a prime target for weather modification because of our unique island climate. We are the battle ground between two opposing air masses. It will always rain in England. It is, after all, a green and pleasant land. But! It isn’t so pleasant anymore; the boundaries between summer and autumn are blurring all the time because of the weather modification programmes.  Our fine summer weather is being stolen from us by technocratic psychopaths intent on playing God, and who revel in wreaking misery and havoc with the extreme weather they are creating.  

Included below is a diagram for that explains the difference between high and low pressure.