Month: November 2014

Arctic air to freeze Britain? The science behind the extreme weather in the US

So the Express have forecast a massive tumble in temperatures next week after a very mild day today. I was tempted to dismiss this as complete rubbish but have just checked the jetstream forecast and – unbelievably – it looks to be correct. The jetstream has currently “split” over the Atlantic but looks set to plunge to a very southerly trajectory by the mid part of next week…although not according to the BBC. That will, of course, bring cold air much further south. Back in the US, the extremely cold weather and heavy snow is, once again, attributed to a polar vortex.

Baloney. Its the Jet Stream.


It is widely recognised that the late Dr. Bernard Eastlund was the man who authored the HAARP patents. What is less well known is that, just before his death in 2007, Eastlund had also authored US Patent 20070238252, entitled “Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere”.

Included below is an abstract from the patent.

Abstract: This invention is a method and apparatus for creating artificially ionized regions in the atmosphere utilizing ionization trails of cosmic rays and micro-meteors to ignite plasma patterns in electric field patterns formed by ground based electromagnetic wave radiators. The applications are useful for telecommunications, weather control, lightening protection and defense applications. The invention lowers the power requirements for forming artificial ionized regions in the atmosphere by a factor of up to 1600 times lower than those required in existing designs and projections for creation of artificial ionized regions in the atmosphere.

This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, a variety of telecommunications systems for improvement of local cellular systems, short haul stand alone cellular systems, city wide cellular systems and long haul communications systems could result. Two new approaches to weather modification and control are suggested. The first is for manipulation of the steering winds that control the development of mesocyclones, or the modification of the directions of the jet streams that influence development of hurricanes. The second is a method for influencing the electrical charge distribution in weather patterns such as meso-cyclones…Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and exceedingly varied in usefulness.

Anyone who has undertaken even a modicum of research into weather manipulation and geoengineering will know that the HAARP technologies work alongside the aerosols. The aerosols are capable of heating the upper atmosphere if subject to the right levels of microwave and radio wave energy. (Eastlund patent 4,686, 605). Sudden stratospheric warming in the northern hemisphere can have a dramatic affect on the troposphere, often resulting in so-called “blocking patterns” that can inhibit the normal east to west flow of the jet stream. This is exactly what we are seeing over the north American continent right now; and it is the reason, I would argue, for the record breaking levels of snow.

A review of the week…

Hi folks.

I’ve been away for a few weeks, busy trying to complete my book which is six months behind schedule. I thought I would share my thoughts on the events of this week, and look ahead to what I see unfolding over the next several months.

Anonymous, Russell Brand and the London Protests


Did people really think that by wearing a mask and trying to re-enact a scene from a film (albeit a great one) that they were going to change anything? That the ownership class and their political puppets would sit up and listen? Of course not, they simply threw up the barricades and sent out the boys in blue with their batons and plastic shields. This is exactly what the establishment wanted.

Is this the best the so-called “truth movement” has to offer? When are people going to realise that the change has to come from within before it plays out into our experienced collective reality? If you confront a problem with the same mind-set that created the problem, you will achieve nothing.  I firmly believe that it is not the system that is the problem; rather, it is the people who control and administer it. Capitalism could work if it was run by genuine philanthropists who had the needs of the people at heart; likewise, socialism could work if it remained true to its ideals. What we have had throughout history are the worst extremes of both. The root problem of our species is psychopathy. The predator within. Psychopaths have infiltrated all of our key institutions. And they will use any system to manipulate, deviate and exploit the mass of humanity for their own selfish and grandiose ends.

It also concerns me enormously that Russell Brand is emerging as the pinnacle of the truth movement. Seriously? The guy is an absolute narcissist if ever there was one.  Here is a guy whose personal fortune, even at a modest estimate, stands at around $ 15 million, and yet he has the audacity to talk about austerity and the need for a global redistribution of wealth.  Brand talks a good game, but look beyond the surface features of his flowery statements – in particular, the need for a “socialist revolution”  – and what he is  advocating is  the ascension of a collectivist power structure. Perhaps Mr Brand needs to brush up on his history. “Socialist revolutions” have ushered in some of the most vile regimes in history. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, the list is endless. The socialist systems of the past were, in reality, run by a criminal banking syndicate; they were brutal dictatorships which controlled, quantified, catalogued, assessed and scrutinized every area of human life. In short, those regimes were the despots wet dream.  Brand is a Fraud. His “solutions” are straight out of the pages of any number of UN documents, particularly Agenda 21. Either he is stupid – which I doubt very much – or else he part of an establishment attempt to to co opt the so-called “truth movement”.Steer clear.

Its clear to me that so many people who scream change are still hooked up onto that same old spiritual carousel, going round and around, never getting to the root of the problem, but simply tussling with its outer manifestations. The matrix still has you.

The Remembrance Day National Assembly


I am very uneasy about this and you certainly wont find me participating. Of course, what most teachers with big egos and concrete minds don’t realise is that the world is run by the adherents of a Saturnic death cult. And our royals occupy a prominent position within this occult network. The Remembrance Service at the Tower of London is nothing short of a mass occult ritual designed to sync the energy of children and young people with the energy of death. The principle of Makia teaches us that energy flows where attention goes. The more we focus in on something  – in this case, the slaughter and sacrifice of young men in the trenches – the stronger the feelings we receive from it. In other words,  we become “tuned” into that energy. What we give our attention to – even on a subconscious level – we give our energy to. Our focus becomes our reality.

This is not about remembering “our brave lads”; it is about death. Are they planning some staged terror attack to coincide with the broadcast, thereby traumatising millions of children all over the UK simultaneously? Just think for a moment about the enormous amount of negative energy that could be generated through such a heinous act. The Tower of London is a symbol of the tyranny of our Satanic (Saturnic) Royal family. It has long been a place of imprisonment, torture and execution.  The sea of red poppies pouring out of the tower clearly represents the blood of our dead soldiers.

If we are to truly honour the lives of those who were slaughtered in the trenches, then we need to expose the machinations of the psychopathic ruling families who ferment and provoke these conflicts.

Next years general election and a possible staged terror attack?

So as we approach a general election year with the world in all kinds of apparent crises, what should we expect to see unfold in the build up, or even in the wake, of a general election? My money is on the “neutralisation” of “Jihadi John” by the SAS in the weeks leading up to the election. As with the Bin Laden hit, don’t expect to see any hard evidence; maybe a few dodgy videos, some contradictory statements pertaining to his execution, and hell, maybe even the contents of his porn collection laid bare for the world to recoil at. I just hope that the idiots who agree to take part in such a propaganda stunt have better luck with their helicopter than the Navy Seals who allegedly took out old Bin.

I also expect to see another staged terror attack on our soil sometime soon. I don’t say this out of frivolity, or to be facetious, rather I say it because I have studied the modus operandi of the ownership class and their intelligence apparatus. I include a link to a story from the local media six months ago in which the Galleria shopping centre in Hatfield was being used by law enforcement agencies for a training exercise, utilising crisis actors. Training exercises are ALWAYS the red flag of an impending staged terror attack. Let us not forget that the BBC’s Panorama programme, in May of 2004, explored the possibility of a terrorist attack on the London Underground. A year later, when the 7/7 attacks commenced, it was revealed that Peter Power, who took part in the BBC broadcast, was running a terror training exercise that just happened to involve the very scenario that unfolded for real on that day….at the exact tube stations!

So will the psychopathic establishment go with a terror attack in a major shopping mall just before Christmas, or will they wait until after the election, in order to  strip away yet more civil liberties? I hope, as ever, to be completely wide of the mark on this one. But stay vigilant people, and believe nothing that you see and hear through the MSM. There is too much political capital to be gained from the current situation – both at home and in the Middle East.