The Tunisian Beach Shootings: Why we must see the bigger picture!

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Ok, lets get one thing straight: ISIS, ISIL, IS, whatever name it is going under today, was created by the US / Western Intelligence apparatus for the purpose of toppling the Assad regime, and waging a series of proxy wars with Syria and its neighbours. 18 months ago, no one had even heard of ISIS. Yet It’s dramatic rise in Iraq and Syria, along with an alleged spate of atrocities and highly publicised (not to mention extremely dubious) executions, was somehow allowed to transpire under the very noses of the US and its NATO allies. Surely, if ISIS were a genuine threat, its leadership would have been neutralised long ago by predator drones and stealth bombers?  Whatever gains they may have made on the ground, ISIS are no match for the technological might of the US and NATO.

Cast your mind back to August 2013, long before the term ‘ISIS’ had entered the political vocab, when both Cameron and Obama had been defeated by Parliament and Congress in their efforts to authorise air strikes against Syria. Back then, ISIS were the ‘Anti-Assad’ rebels – with links to Al Qaeda – that were being trained, armed and funded by the US and its intelligence apparatus. (Yes, history repeats itself, because the CIA had created Al Qaeda to wage jihad against the Soviet Union in the 1980s). Fast forward to July 2015, and now the British and US governments are advocating air strikes on Syria in order to ‘destroy’ ISIS once and for all. Problem-reaction-solution.

Of course, the average citizen approaches the reporting of these events without context. In truth, the driving rationale of the Anglo-American elite is to keep the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in a state of perpetual conflict and civil unrest. A prosperous and peaceful Middle East would pose, in the long term, a significant economic threat to the monopoly men and their fraudulent fiat baking system. So, in order to forestall this, the western elites, through their national security and intelligence apparatus, have utilised an age old imperial strategy of divide and rule in order to keep the Arab nations downtrodden and at the mercy of the (ever expanding) one world ruling structure. The bombing of Syria and the removal of Assad is an integral part of this very sorry saga.

If you find this hard to believe – just another silly ‘conspiracy theory’ – then please take the time to read my previous three blogs, especially ‘Who’s your Jihadi’? If, after reading these previous blogs, you are still tempted to refute what I have written, then please take the time to peruse the links below. These are ‘mainstream pieces which work on the presupposition that the US unwittingly unleashed a monster, but they are very revealing, nevertheless.

As tragic and appalling as they were, the Tunisian Beach shootings conform to all the hallmarks of a major psy op / false flag attack. The official story maintains that a lone gunman, Seifeddine Rezgui, was solely responsible for the deaths of 38 innocent people. But now accounts of the shootings are beginning to filter through to the mainstream narrative that suggest the involvement of more than one gunman (oh, surprise, surprise). Check the link below:

Rezgui is a classic mind controlled patsy – a foot soldier – set up by his handlers to make these attacks appear to be the actions of a deranged lone nut – a ‘lone wolf’ – with only tenuous links to ISIS. He is the latest in a long line of mind controlled patsies including Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and Mark Chapman. Of course, the conspiracy sceptic will always deny the reality of government mind control programs, in spite of the wealth of evidence that is now available. A 1977 Freedom of Information Act request, for example, uncovered over 20,000 documents pertaining to the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program. But the conspiracy sceptic will never apply the same level of discernment to the statements made by official sources. If the government says it’s true, then I guess it must be!! After all, the government never lies to you. Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Four Muslim suicide bombers blew up three tube trains and a bus when – just by ‘coincidence’ – the intelligence community was running a terror drill that involved precisely the same scenario. Chemtrails are just contrails. And there is absolutely no cover up of a powerful paedophile ring operating out of Westminster.

Phew, good job those ‘conspiracy theorists’ are all crazy. Now, what time does strictly It’s all mind numbing celebrity bollocks get me the fuck out of here start??

The subtext of the Tunisian Beach shootings is unequivocal: anyone and everyone can now be working for ISIS. No one is safe. No one or nowhere is beyond the reach of the ‘terrorists’.  The people that were gunned down by Rezgui – as well as the cold blooded special services operatives that were deployed to assist him –  were just everyday folk who had worked hard all year to enjoy a holiday in the sun. It could have been you and it could have been me. And that is the point. Traumatised, horrified and angry British citizens will now look to the state as their saviour. ‘Something must be done’. We need more surveillance, more powers of search and arrest, more armed police on the street. We must find out what countries these terror cells are operating from and bomb the shit out of them.

Ask yourself the question: who gains from the Tunisian Beach massacre? A bunch of hard line Muslim terrorists who have now just signed the death warrants of innocent Muslims and Arabic peoples when the bombs start to fall on Syria? Or the Anglo-American finance capitalists – as well as greedy defence contractors – who have a hefty stake in destabilising the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East?

The question, of course, answers itself.


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