7/7: Ten Years On…

Ten years ago today, 52 innocent people lost their lives when three tubes trains and a bus blew up during the busy morning rush hour on London’s transport network. The British public and the wider world were sold a monumental lie as to who was responsible for the attacks. An official Parliamentary Report, commissioned in 2006 and written anonymously, as well as an official government inquiry led by Lady Justice Heather Hallet in 2011, would endorse the cover story that four home grown Muslim suicide bombers, with links to Al Queada, single handedly carried out the worst act of terrorism on British soil since the mainland campaign of the IRA. But nothing, I believe, could have been further from the truth.

Ten years on, it is time that the truth had its day, and that the real culprits were brought to justice. Of course, in the present climate, with the government propaganda mill working overtime to convince us that the threat from ISIS terrorists has never been greater, I run the risk of being labelled an ‘extremist’ or, at the very least, a deranged ‘crackpot’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’. What I am, in truth, is a frustrated libertarian, who has grown sick and tired of watching our government, and the governments of the US and Western Europe, launch assault after assault upon our most cherished civil liberties – as well as waging wars of conquest in the Middle East – all justified on the pretext of ‘fighting terrorism’, when the biggest terrorists continue to walk the corridors of power in Westminster and Washington with relative impunity.

Contrary to popular perception, terrorism rarely stems from political oppression and economic misery. It is not the deranged and desperate ideology of the downtrodden, but instead, it is a weapon of the oligarchy in their war against the general populace. As any good student of history will understand, ruling hierarchies seldom survive long without enemies. The creation of an external or internal menace is requisite to establishing the legitimacy of a governments authority over its people, and a powerful tool, moreover, to obtain acquiescence in that legitimacy. Therefore, the axiom that terrorist attacks in the last decade have been perpetrated by fanatical and oppressed young Muslims, when subject to even a modicum of research, is revealed to be a falsehood of staggering proportions. Yes of course there are fanatical and deranged young Muslims who want to murder and maim for the glory of Allah, just as there are deranged and psychotic mercenaries who want to murder and maim for Her Majesty’s Government. But these rudderless young men are just the foot soldiers – merely the cannon fodder – who have absolutely no idea that the organisations they are working for are being covertly run by British, US and Israeli intelligence.
7/7 was, in truth, a major false flag event that was planned and executed by the British governments national security apparatus, including MI5, MI6, the SAS and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR). The US and Israeli intelligence community was also involved, albeit at a lower level. The ‘attack’ was timed to coincide with a training exercise, organised by Peter Power and his crisis management company, Visor Consultants. This ‘training exercise’, involving over 1000 personnel, was organised to simulate a major terrorist attack on London’s Underground network, at precisely the same stations where the attacks unfolded ‘for real’. This is the classic modus operandi of the Oligarchy and their intelligence networks: false flag terror attacks are always carefully synchronised to coincide with a training exercise or a drill, implemented by the government’s intelligence apparatus. The exercise or drill will mimic, very closely, the real operation, with only minor adjustments required to ensure that the exercise ‘goes live’. The four alleged bombers, Mohammed Sidique Khan, Germaine Lindsay, Shehzad Tanweer, and Hasib Hussein were patsies, recruited by Visor Consultants to participate in what they were told was a ‘terror drill’ or a training exercise.

Before the conspiracy sceptic dismisses this as heresy or mere ‘coincidence’, then I would urge him / her to consider the following:

• The odds of Peter Power choosing the same tube stations for his ‘terror drill’ that were bombed during the real event have been calculated at 3/275 x 2/274 x 1/273, or to put it more simply, around one in three million

In the words of Peter Power himself, in an interview with Radio 5 Live only hours after the 7/7 attacks:

…at half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for, er, over, a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright!…we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don’t want to reveal their name but they’re listening and they’ll know it.

Consider also that:

• The official story is predicated on the conceit that the four alleged bombers caught the 07:40 am train from Luton station to Kings Cross. This was announced at a Metropolitan Police conference in the days following the July 7th bombings, and was also widely reported in the media. However, the alleged bombers could not have caught the 07:40 train that morning because it had been cancelled! When scepticism of the official story began to grow in light of these incongruities, the then Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, admitted that the parliamentary report had made a ‘mistake’, and the official narrative was duly amended. Instead, it was claimed that the bombers had caught the 07:24 train, reaching Kings Cross at 08:23. However, this new timeline was not supported by the (contrived) CCTV footage of the four alleged bombers arriving at Luton station, which was timestamped 07:21.


• Survivors of the explosions on the tube testified, at the Hallet inquiry, that they had experienced the sensation of being electrocuted immediately after the blasts. This would suggest some type of exotic EMP weapon, not the volatile homemade TATP explosives the alleged bombers were supposedly carrying in their rucksacks. Remember, initial media reports described a ‘power surge’ on the London Underground network, not bombs.
• Multiple survivors at the Hallet inquiry testified that the trains were ‘lifted off the tracks’ by the explosions. They also described large craters in the floors of the carriages. This would suggest that the blast came from underneath the carriage, not by suicide bombers carrying explosives in backpacks. It should be noted that the carriages were hidden away for over a year and then destroyed.
• Early media reports suggested at least two of the alleged ‘terrorists’ were neutralized outside Canary Wharf. But how was this possible if, as alleged, the terrorists had blown themselves up on the London Underground? This story has long since been airbrushed out of the official narrative but the story can still be found online at: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10334992
• It must also be noted that no post mortems were carried out on the victims of the 7/7 bombings. Why??
These are just some of the many controversies and unanswered questions that abound in relation to 7/7/. Yet in the decade since these terrible events occurred, the government has used the pretext of fighting terrorism to launch an all-out assault upon your civil liberties and quality of life. C’mon folks, it’s time we held the government, the intelligence community, special services personnel, and not least of all, Peter Power and Visor Consultants, to account over the events of 7/7. I am not saying Peter Power is guilty, but clearly he has information that could prove vital to any genuine investigation into the events of that day. To this day, Peter Power refuses to divulge the identity of the client for whom Visor Consultants were organising a ‘terror drill’. He is clearly withholding information about one of the most serious crimes perpetrated on British soil in recent decades and must, therefore, be held accountable. The British public must understand that Peter Power may well have aided and abetted the real culprits of the 7/7 bombings. It is time that he was brought in for questioning.


Moreover, given the current political climate, and the efforts of the Cameron regime to convince us that the threat from Islamic ‘terrorists’ has never been greater, the need for a full public inquiry into the 7/7 terror attacks has never been greater. Any public inquiry with even a modicum of integrity could take the official story apart and, by so doing, would help to throw light upon the lies and the crimes of the British establishment.


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